Although enterprise-ready video is available, it is not being widely used in the workplace, according to a new survey. The survey found that of the 41 percent of those who use video as a collaboration tool in the workplace, 57 percent rely on it less than once a month.
The survey of 554 U.S.-employed Internet users 18 years old and over was conducted by ConnectSolutions, a Microsoft partner, in February.
“Unfortunately for many, video is something you respond to rather than initiate,” said Christopher Martini, vice president of Microsoft Skype for Business. “But while workers have been slow in unlocking video’s potential, the tech is there and workers are ready to use it.”
The problem may be related to old habits, according to the survey; while consumers are constantly finding new uses for video on mobile devices, video’s role in the enterprise has traditionally been limited to formal video conferences and training sessions. Here are some highlights of the survey.
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