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By LIZZY BRISKIN  |  November 16, 2021

While the holidays are certainly the most wonderful time of the year, they’re not without stress – particularly when you just don’t know what to get everyone on your list. If you’re a mom shopping for a daughter, this list will clear up any gift anxiety.

These are the best gifts for moms to buy for their daughters of all ages, whether your daughter loves sports, cooking, beauty or just needs a moment to relax.

Smart goggles

FINIS Smart Goggle Kit: available at Amazon

This unique gift is ideal for the swimmer or multisport athlete you know. These smart goggles track distance, cadence, time in the water and pace for swims in a pool or open water. They provide helpful data for tracking swim improvements and workouts. If your daughter is on the school swim team or is gearing up for a triathlon, she’ll be able to put these smart goggles to good use.

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