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The FINIS Smart Goggles don’t reinvent any wheel as a fitness tracker. But its device sticks to simplicity and offers reliable data for swimmers to improve. Swimmers might keep the FINIS Smart Goggles handy for years, as long as they don’t think about a few missed opportunities with its display.

My review of the goggles gave me an opportunity to hit the pool again. Here’s where the FINIS Smart Goggle provides a nice incentive for swimmers curious about their performance. As someone who hasn’t swum in years, it was fun to jump back in with a brand-new lens. The goggles were enough to pull me back into the fast lane, while its easily laid-out data after a swim encouraged me to visit my local pool again. In my active lifestyle filled with VR, reviewing other lifestyle gadgets, and running, the FINIS Smart Goggles felt like a neat addition.