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Could getting a better night’s sleep be as simple as choosing the right download?

2. Sleeprate (free on Android and Apple) analyzes your sleep patterns (how many hours of shut-eye are you really getting?) and detects loud noises, snoring and similar problems. Many of these apps use a mechanism in your phone that measures vibrations; you leave the phone near you in bed to register your movements. But here’s the big caveat: Although an app might help you make minor tweaks to your snooze routine, your phone’s not sensitive enough to give you truly accurate data. That means if you have a serious, ongoing sleep problem, the best way to get to the bottom of it is to see a specialist. Sign up for a sleep study, which might use an EEG machine that can help detect when you’re in light and deep stages of sleep and aid your doctor in identifying conditions, like sleep apnea, that may interfere with your slumber. Good news: Visits usually are covered by health insurance.

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