Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg, made a splash at Advertising Week when she spoke about the importance of online video advertising and why brands should ditch traditional commercial ads to instead spend their advertising budgets on Facebook.

What wasn’t discussed was video’s ROI for all marketers and, perhaps especially so, for email marketers.

In conjunction with Sandberg’s appearance at Advertising Week, Facebook this week began rolling out new video and mobile-friendly features for profile pages.

But video isn’t just a useful advertising tool for companies that have the resources to compete for brands with advertising budgets big enough to afford a $4 million dollar 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl.

“Consumers today are driven by experiences, not products, and videos allow brands to capture experiences and tell stories in ways they can’t with other ad formats,” says Vivek Sharma, CEO of email marketing company Movable Ink.

He says that videos are useful for companies of any size because they can be produced with big budgets or done more simply with animated GIFS and user-generated content.

“Brands that look to integrate video into email can capitalize on the high engagement of video coupled with email’s strong ROI,” says Sharma.

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