In an age where many consumers are suffering ‘password fatigue’, offering social login options can motivate sign-up to ecommerce websites. However, just four of the top 50 ecommerce websites in the UK offer social login, according to new research from Hello Soda.

ASOS, Dominos, Netflix and Ryanair are the only four ecommerce sites in the UK to allow consumers to use a social media account to sign up or register for their services, according to big data and text analytics firm, Hello Soda.

Janrain’s ‘Consumer Identity Survey’, conducted in September last year among 575 U.S. adults, found that three-quarters now suffer from password fatigue. Furthermore, more than half (58%) said they appreciate the value and convenience of social logins, and another 58% said they often will not sign up to a new website if social login is not an option.

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