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After engaging in effective web design, SEO, and various forms of online marketing, your e-commerce site should be easy to find, attracting the right people and designed to move them swiftly along the sales funnel, don’t forget about the popularity eCommerce has gained in the past few years, everyone prefers to shop online and they are always in the lookout for promotions and discounts ( find more info here). That’s well and good, but all of that work could be in vain if you take a seemingly simple thing for granted: the shopping cart. By keeping a few basic best practices in mind for your shopping cart, your site will convert more customers and generate a lot more profit.

Understanding E-Commerce Analytics

Without keeping an eye on a few key statistics, there’s no easy way to determine whether or not your e-commerce site is living up to its full potential. It’s easy to overcomplicate things and get bogged down in a confusing morass of meaningless numbers. Without a doubt, there are a lot of different statistics to keep an eye on, but in reality, there are two main factors: the abandonment rate and the conversion rate.

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