There I was, nervously standing in the airport security line at JFK, sweating profusely. No, it wasn’t because I was at risk of missing my flight or because I desperately had to pee. The reason I was so anxious? I was terrified that the sex toy I’d packed was going to cause some kind of problem with airport security. My stomach flip-flopped as I imagined the TSA employee gingerly picking it up with her gloved hands and inspecting it while the entire security line looked on.

I embark on this emotional roller coaster every time I fly with a vibrator in my carry-on. I know, I know—my fear is pretty irrational. But let’s be real, it’s totally possible that a TSA agent could see a sex toy while scanning my bag, not know what the hell it is, and back up the whole security line to inspect it. I also worry that my sex toys could get confiscated if they look vaguely threatening—and I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t have the money to buy a new vibrator every time I travel.

Thankfully for me, anyone like me, and anyone else who just doesn’t want airport security all up in their business, there are plenty of inconspicuous sex toys that are perfect for traveling. Some toys—like the Womanizer 2Go—look like household objects. Others—like the Eva Hands-Free Vibrator—are so small you can discreetly tuck them away. And others—like the Lyps Vibrating Butt Plug—are so strange looking that most people won’t even realize what they are. (These toys are *perfect* for anyone who feels embarrassed or awkward about carrying a sex toy around with them.)

Here, 13 travel-friendly sex toys that will put your airport security fears to bed.

1. Womanizer 2Go (Womanizer, $169)

This on-the-go clitoral vibrator is the size of a tube of lipstick, so you can throw it in your makeup bag without giving it a second thought. (And get ready, because it will deliver some seriously mind-blowing orgasms.)

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