Clustrix, the only Magento-approved drop-in replacement for MySQL, announced the addition of two products to the ClustrixDB for Magento bundle, making it the only Magento solution to allow full-site functionality and performance even while running the Magento Indexers. The new Clustrix Checkout and Clustrix Flash Sales significantly improve performance of the checkout process, allowing for faster and higher volume of simultaneous checkouts, even in low product count “Flash Sale” scenarios.

“The worst case scenario an e-commerce store can run into is to manage to pull in a flood of customers trying to buy their products, and then not be able to sell them. We’ve seen time and time again companies launch new products only to have users stuck and frustrated on long loading, or crashing, checkout pages,” said Kevin Bortnick, Magento Solutions Architect, Clustrix.

Source: PRNewswire