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Not only do top marketers plan to invest more in mobile and social this year, but they also intend to put more money back into email marketing. In addition, customer experience was deemed marketers’ “highest priority” when averaging different types of companies and marketers. Thirty percent of marketers also listed good experience management with a coordinated strategy as a top three focus area for the next three years, according to the #Kentico survey.

“The renewed focus on email marketing isn’t at all surprising,” says Kentico CEO Petr Palas. “For a time, some digital marketers seemed resigned to moving away from email in favor of social media. Today, however, many are discovering that social media works better when used with email versus in place of it. Despite what some may have said, the inbox is very much alive. When used responsibly, email marketing can be a very powerful tool that engages customers and keeps them engaged.”

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