By MICHAEL SEGOVIA  |  July 16, 2021

The MBTI instrument is one of the top tools for workforce training and development, and is used by governments, universities, and the majority of the Fortune 100. When it’s used the way it’s intended to be used, it is fit for purpose. 

But according to Michael Segovia, a Master MBTI Practitioner and lead trainer for The Myers-Briggs Company, “…if you are applying for a job, please know that being asked to take the MBTI assessment or to even share your MBTI® preferences as part of that process is a big ‘no-no!’”

This is largely due to the fact that the MBTI was not designed to predict job performance. While some may have a myopic view of the value and application of personality assessments, Segovia explains:

“The MBTI assessment can be invaluable when it comes to understanding how our personality preferences can help us and how during some circumstances those preferences can present blind spots. However, these “pros and cons”, if you will, are very individualized. In other words, just because you have certain preferences it doesn’t mean you have all the gifts or blind spots associated with those preferences.” 

Segovia goes on to explain that a person of any personality type is capable of excelling in any role. The MBTI helps you understand how to best leverage your own talents and work with your peers to perform at your peak within your chosen profession. 

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