By  | September 8, 2021

How would you answer this: “My manager ensures that I feel heard and understood” Agree, disagree or undecided? Here’s another question: “My manager shows an awareness of their personal blind spots or biases”. Agree, disagree or undecided? According to recent research by The Myers-Briggs Company, the good news is that almost two-thirds (65%) of people agree with the first statement and almost half (47%) with the second. The bad news? A significant number disagree.

So why is this important? Well, these questions were part of a survey into people’s perceptions of inclusive leadership, how included by their manager they felt themselves to be. And the research showed that individuals who felt more included had significantly higher levels of well-being at work, experiencing fewer negative emotions and more positive emotions.

An inclusive manager can improve your overall work life

According to the research, those who felt included  were more likely to:

  • Have supportive and caring work relationships
  • Be engaged with and find meaning in their work
  • Feel they were accomplishing something

They were also less likely to engage in counterproductive behaviors such as:

  • Focusing on the negative aspects of a work situation
  • Speaking with people outside their organization about the negative aspects of their job

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