By   |  May 18, 2021

Think back to a time you were really stressed out. Did you ever look at yourself and think, “That’s just not me! Why am I doing this?” If this sounds familiar, then the bad news is that you might have been in a dark place called ‘the grip’. The good news? If you learn about your personality type, you can understand this ‘grip’ reaction, learn how to pull yourself out of it, and even stop yourself from going there in the first place.

The MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) personality type looks at four aspects of your personality:

  • Are you energized by, and do you prefer to pay attention to, the outside world of people and things (Extraversion, E) or your inner world (Introversion, I)?
  • Do you trust and prefer to use practical information based on the evidence of your senses (Sensing, S) or do you pay more attention to connections and the big picture (Intuition, N)?
  • Do you prefer to make decisions based on objective logic (Thinking, T) or based on your values and on how people will be affected (Feeling, F)?
  • Do you prefer to live in an ordered, structured, planned way (Judging, J) or in an open, spontaneous, unplanned way (Perceiving, P)?

The four letters can be combined to give 16 different types, and you may hear people say things like “I’m an ESTJ” or “I’ve got preferences for INFP” or “I’m definitely a Perceiving type”. In each ‘preference pair’ you will be drawn to–i.e. ‘prefer’–one side or the other. For example, you might prefer Extraversion (E) rather than Introversion (I), and spend much more of your time and energy doing things typical of Extraverts, and little of your time or attention on activities and ways of doing things typical of Introverts.

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