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A recent study by Kentico found that 68% of US consumers “mostly” or “always” ignore brand posts on every social network. “Experience The Blog: Social Experiences that Build Brands,” by Augie Ray, features the Kentico survey results and discusses the secret to successful social media marketing.

We can all agree that creating a Facebook page, Twitter profile and Google+ account is easy, but attempting to engage with your audience and represent your company’s brand without a content plan can be complicated.

In order to attract and retain customers, you need to produce informative content that people care about reading. By posting blogs and videos on your social media channels, you are attracting the viewer’s eyes and guiding them to your website.  The information needs to be valuable, and visible — not only on one social network, but throughout multiple channels.

Before posting content, determine who you are hoping to target, and what’s important to them. Once you identify your audience, create an editorial calendar for better organization and to help diversify the topics you’re posting on. Check out to learn how to grow your business using social media and digital marketing. It’s also crucial to include keywords in your blogs, tweets, and statuses. When keywords are listed, your content becomes searchable, drawing more visitors to your site.

According to Augie Ray, “The secret to successful social media marketing is not to bury your head in the sand, ignore the data and continue building strategies based on deeply flawed assumptions. Instead, toss out all the faulty suppositions and start from scratch.  The key to success is not to assume that social media is a marketing channel but to assume it isn’t“

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