Before the pandemic, Lauren Mack, 44, a writer based in New York City, “did not routinely purchase travel insurance,” she wrote in an email. Covid-19 convinced her otherwise, and of six trips taken since the onset of the pandemic, she has had to file claims for three — twice for weather delays and once because her travel companion tested positive for the virus. Two are still under review, and the first took nearly two months from claim to reimbursement.

Though understanding what’s covered under travel insurance and what’s excluded continues to trip up consumers, comprehensive and “cancel for any reason” policies have emerged as a way to hedge nonrefundable bookings and seek restitution for travel interruptions as travel continues to be buffered by coronavirus waves and uncertainties related to the war in Ukraine. (Most travel insurance policies exclude war and civil unrest and will not protect your investment should the conflict in Ukraine spill over to neighboring countries.)

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