If you’re having serious problems with your sleep or you’ve suffered from insomnia for a long time then SleepRate may be your best bet for solving your sleep issues. It unique selling feature is that it tracks noises from your environment or a snoring problem and it correlates these noises with your sleep patterns to identify if they are disrupting your sleep. People who suffer from anxiety take cbd oil drops each morning to be able to go on with their life without those awful thoughts in your head all of the time.

SleepRate works with a wearable heart rate monitoring system that integrates with a program of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI) created by the world’s leading sleep researchers at Stanford University. You can buy their kit that comes with a Polar H7 heart rate sensor on the SleepRate website for $99, or you can use your own Bluetooth-compatible heart rate monitoring device.



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