Janrain Offers Migration Program to Gigya Customers Unsettled by SAP Acquisition

For Gigya customers who are concerned about how the recent acquisition by SAP will affect the functionality, integration, support and other services you receive,  Janrain is offering the assurance of a fast and simple migration to a proven, industry-leading and independent CIAM platform.

The Janrain migration program, constructed for global 1000 enterprises with current Gigya contracts, offers a one-year 10% discount off your current contract price, and up to $32,500 in complimentary white glove migration services when you upgrade to the Janrain Identity Cloud®.  To get the details on this offer, and the full list of 10 reasons to switch, complete the form at the right.

Why Switch?

Reason #1. Integrations:
Your marketing stack includes Adobe, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, SalesForce, Marketo …

The announcement that SAP will purchase Gigya raises big questions about whether Gigya will continue as an identity tool for other marketing and commerce platforms besides SAP, and how their priorities will change. Janrain is committed to supporting your full marketing stack — now and for the long term.

Reason #2. Customer First:
Customer identity management is key to your success

In the chaos of a buyout, you can expect people and priorities to change. With SAP in charge of Gigya’s roadmap, your business needs may no longer be as important.  At Janrain, we have a “CIAM vision that is more differentiated than other solutions in the Forrester wave.” according to Forrester Research, and we are fully focused on customer needs.

Reason #3. Interoperability:
You want to work with an independent  leader.

In June 2017, Forrester Research identified Gigya and Janrain as the two leaders of the CIAM market. “Forrester’s research uncovered a market in which Gigya and Janrain lead the pack….Microsoft, loginradius, and auth0 lag behind.”  Now Janrain is the only independent CIAM leader remaining.

Reason #4. Secure:
Security is a priority for your company

Janrain is the first and so far only CIAM provider to obtain CSA STAR Level 2 certification, as well as ISO 27018 certification for cloud security. Gigya’s opted for lower levels of certification.  See why cloud security matters.

To see reasons 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10, or to talk to Janrain about your migration needs, complete the form.


Source: Janrain