Manuel Terranova of Peaxy, Inc. discusses the Industrial Internet and the on-going conflict between engineering and IT that is likely costing many companies billions in revenue. Manuel Terranova is President & CEO of Peaxy, Inc., a provider of the first software-defined, hyper-scale data platform for advanced analytics. Manuel Terranova is a technology veteran with a long track record of bringing emerging technologies to market. He has a broad range of P&L and technical leadership experience in oil and gas, subsea equipment, software application development, pipeline inspection robotics, telemetry systems and IT infrastructure.

The Industrial Internet of Things promises vast improvement in manufacturing and maintenance–to the tune of $14 trillion by 2030, according to Accenture. In fact, the zero-outage ambitions of top industrial giants are no pipe dream–”smart products” that inform engineering teams regarding their maintenance needs are within our grasp. Typically, the ability to analyze the petabytes of data coming from sensors attached to machinery is cited as the cornerstone of such predictive maintenance goals. However, this is only part of the picture. Telemetry data can yield impressive improvements, but alone it is insufficient to achieve the next level of innovation.

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