By John Hackston | August 11, 2020

As governments begin lifting COVID-19 restrictions, those enjoying the solitude of remote work may find the transition back to ‘normal’ highly stress. Keeping in mind that people who prefer Introversion compose about half the workforce, that’s enough stressed-out employees to take a serious bite out of job productivity and performance.

However, we shouldn’t conclude that people who prefer Introversion are going to be alone in this. Personality is a complicated thing, and people of all personality types will experience various challenges. Even those who miss the hustle of office life may find the shift back to be jarring. After all, we’re not returning to the status quo:

  • Most have seen co-workers downsized, and may worry about their own jobs
  • Fear of contracting a potentially lethal virus has not gone away
  • It’s uncertain whether another spike in cases will cause a second lockdown
  • Change, in and of itself, is a major cause of stress–even change we desperately want

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