Today’s businesses aren’t all just about shareholder values–many measure their performance with a triple bottom line. Profit, yes, but also People (caring for customers, workers and the wider community) and the Planet (caring for the environment).

A key aspect of looking after people is inclusion, the process of facilitating full involvement in the organization and a sense of belonging by people from all backgrounds, by actively removing barriers to full participation. In 2019, there was even an inclusive economy challenge (though for obvious reasons this has been more difficult to organize this year). Now the English language is a slippery thing, and the word ‘inclusion’ can mean many different things. For example, if you are familiar with the FIRO-B assessment, you’ll know that Inclusion is one of the dimensions of this framework. People who are high on Expressed Inclusion want to include and involve other people in their activities; people who are high on Wanted Inclusion want to be included and involved in activities by other people. By revealing our interpersonal needs and the needs of those around us, tools like the FIRO-B can help create a roadmap for how we include others.

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