Incontinence (loss of bladder control due to weak pelvic floor) product commercials are now on the air and in our favorite magazines — more women are speaking out about everything from needing bladder slings to admitting that they pee when they sneeze.

As a result, more people seem interested in making Kegels a regular part of their routine. (I admit I am: Recently, I jumped up and cheered when the Patriots defeated the Ravens, and realized that “holding it” during the fourth quarter might not have been a good idea.)

Along with disposable products designed to capture leaks discreetly, some high-tech products have emerged to help women with pelvic floor disorders. The Smart Kegel Exercise Aid, or SKEA, involves a smartphone-controlled device and whimsical game (“Alice in Continent”) that help women practice these exercises. kGoal is another one that uses a device and a smartphone to guide in Kegel fitness.

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