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Originally published July 1, 2022 | By Jenny White

“Goggles are a good idea for swimming regardless of the water environment,” pediatric ophthalmologist Dr. Geoffrey Bradford, MD, explains in an email to Romper. That’s because they can help kids avoid “the painful eye irritation that often comes with exposure to chlorinated swimming pool water, salt water at the beach, or river water with particles of dirt,” according to Dr. Bradford. In order to achieve that, the best swim goggles for kids will fit your child’s face snuggly yet comfortably, and the goggles should keep all water out but not be so tight that they leave severe marks on the face. They will also have lenses that are beneficial for the specific swimming conditions that your child is in and boast easy-to-adjust straps to hold them firmly in place. For tips on finding the best pair for your child, Romper reached out to two experts — a swim instructor and a pediatric ophthalmologist.

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