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5 PR Trends to Look for in 2016

“The sky will tumble, mountains will crumble. If you’re afraid of change, 2016 will be a miserable year.” – Katie Paine

Here are some trends the PR News staff are anticipating in the New Year.

And number one on the #PRNews list?

  1. Smart Storytelling = Avoiding Content Pollution: With the human attention span decreasing as fast as Chipotle’s share price, PR has just seconds to tell its story with words and video. Is this a bad thing? Maybe not, as Andrew Bowins, VP, corporate reputation, Samsung Electronics America, told Bob Pearson, president, chief innovation officer, W20 Group: “In 2016 communicators need to look in the mirror and decide if they have become content polluters. In the frenzy to be brand publishers and leverage digital channels we may have forgotten the basic rules of PR: communicate with purpose; target your audiences and be relevant. Pull back the throttle a little, embrace data to understand your audience and shape content that actually stirs a desired reaction.”

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