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Another New York-based commercial real estate technology company announced the close of a seed round today. This time it was Assess+RE, an underwriting and investment software tool. If the company sounds familiar, it is because it is not new.

In the PropTech Connect Slack channel CEO and founder Min Suh admitted that the company wrote their first line of code in January of 2015. The three-year journey to a seed round of funding is usually long and was undoubtedly arduous. It stands as a testament to the persistence it takes to be a tech start-up and should be a major accolade for Assess+RE for their ability to bootstrap and generate operating revenue.

The round was led by Ranieri Strategies whos founder, Lewis Ranieri is credited with being one of the pioneers of the securitized mortgage markets. Mr. Ranieri said this about his latest investment:

“The management team at Assess+RE has demonstrated it knows how to build sophisticated technology and bring it to a market desperately in need of new software capabilities, which are some of the key reasons why we took the lead role investing in their seed round and joining their board.”

We applaud Min and his team for their tenacity and hope to hear big things from them in the future.