Do you rely on a relational database to power high-transaction, high-value workloads on your web application? Do you anticipate large spikes in traffic, or plan on rapidly growing your business to a new level? If so, don’t miss the upcoming webinar from big data and information management expert Lokesh Khosla, which will explore alternate database choices to Aurora on AWS. The webinar will take place on March 3 at 10:00AM PST, and will challenge preconceived notions about running a database on AWS, including the idea that a cloud deployment necessarily yields cloud-level scalability.

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Khosla, CTO at Magnus Data, will examine the strengths and weaknesses of MySQL solutions in comparison to Amazon’s own relational database, Aurora, when it comes to handling high-transaction workloads in AWS. He will discuss why ClustrixDB not only outperforms others in throughput, but also offers a unique ability to scale in the cloud by simply adding server nodes–enabling it to scale performance far beyond Aurora, or any other solution, as demonstrated by a recent benchmark study.

Among other things, this scalability allows users to avoid the large monthly IO fees that can accumulate on AWS for high-transaction, high-value workloads. The webinar will explain why, while Aurora is a very good general purpose tool for AWS, companies should seek alternate tools for such intense workloads because of scale and data costs.

Also, don’t miss today’s webinar (at 10:00AM PST) “Benchmark Showdown: Which Relational Database is the Fastest on AWS?,” which pits ClustrixDB directly against AWS Aurora:

About Clustrix

Clustrix provides the leading scale-out relational database engineered for the cloud or data center. ClustrixDB is a drop-in replacement for MySQL and an ideal solution for high-transaction, high-value workloads typically found in businesses such as ad tech, e-commerce, gaming and large web and mobile businesses. Our customers use ClustrixDB for critical business applications that support massive transactional volume and real-time reporting of business performance metrics. ClustrixDB delivers more than twenty-five trillion transactions per month for customers including AOL, Flipkart, MakeMyTrip, Choxi, Photobox, Rakuten and Symantec.

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