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Technology has invaded our homes, lives and mobile apps have become an integral part of the way we choose to communicate and operate everyday. Today, location-based apps flood the market and Alohar Mobile, going with the wind, has brought yet another app to the market. Designed for the iPhone, the PlaceUs app has now come to Android.

So what’s different with this one? Well, while other location-based apps are stated to limit themselves to location data, PlaceUs spices it up by using context awareness as well. Sensors monitor user behavior and learn from a user’s mobile routines to anticipate and assist with many of the daily interactions that occur.

The PlaceUs app is stated to simplify everyday communication, help connect people, share important information about location, where you intend to go and what you are doing at present.  The app automatically ranks the top 10 places that are visited most and saves those for later viewing.

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