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Peaxy raises $15 million to disrupt the data lake

Replacing departmentalized information silos with a centralized data lake is a great way to make a large organization’s records accessible to its users in theory, but tends to prove near impossible to implement in practice. That gap between need and availability is what Peaxy Inc. hopes to fill with the help of the $15 million investors poured into its coffers this morning.

The startup is one of several that emerged over recent years to tackle the lack of viable options for sharing information among the disparate parts of a globally distributed enterprise, a challenge that is only becoming more pressing as analytics grow increasingly important to decision-making. They all offer variations of the same concept: an index that catalogs data in disparate storage systems to let users find records without having to put everything in one place first.

But Peaxy’s Hyperfiler takes a much more infrastructure-centric approach than the rivaling engines from Alation Inc. and the likewise recently funded Tamr Inc., allowing administrators to move indexed information to the most appropriate hardware for their use cases. That opens up a whole world of possibilities for optimizing data accessibility.

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