Waterline Data, The Smart Data Catalog Company, today announced a new webinar designed to help Hadoop users learn to make better use of the growing volume and variety of organizational data in the data lake. The webinar, “Data Wrangling, Metadata and Governance: Supervision vs. Adoption,” can be viewed on-demand here.

Most if not all large organizations know that proper data governance practices are critical, lest their Hadoop data lake turns into a “swamp” of duplicate datasets, multiple versions of the truth, and a general inability of users to locate data. However, too much top-down governance can lead to unsustainable practices that inhibit end-user adoption of the lake.

How can one effectively manage Hadoop, while also empowering the organization? Executives from Cloudera, Trifacta and Waterline Data demonstrate:

  • How data-wrangling solutions can enable users to explore and prepare diverse data in Hadoop for analysis
  • How these solutions can also ensure that the metadata and data lineage created through this process are appropriately tracked and visible to others in the organization
  • How, when utilized effectively, metadata can help foster greater sharing and collaboration across users, boost productivity of data wrangling and analysis, and solve administration challenges of data lake governance

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