“Our latest Digital Experience survey goes to show what professional marketers hopefully already know,” said Kentico CEO and Founder Petr Palas. “While customers will for the most part give a company’s content marketing the benefit of the doubt, businesses must take care in not breaking that trust with information that can’t be corroborated or strays from the truth altogether. In this way, content marketing and transparent marketing must go together at all times.”

Three-quarters (74%) of consumers trust content from businesses that is designed to educate them on a particular topic. However, if that content turns into a product pitch those trust levels tumble by 29% as consumers begin to wonder if they’ve been told the truth or if the business is spinning its content to suit their means.

Consumers prefer balanced content that can be corroborated with other sources that aren’t connected or produced by the company presenting the content. In fact, almost half (46%) will have less trust if information provided can’t be corroborated with other non-company courses or if it isn’t clear that it’s coming from a particular company (15%).

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