Kentico’s integrated marketing solution got an update today with enhanced personalization and segmentation on what they call a better user interface.

Thomas Robbins, chief evangelist for Kentico, told CMSWire “We believe the difference between success and failure in digital marketing can come down to the time, expense and ease with which to launch, manage and update one’s campaigns”

Integrated marketing communications is a very important approach to planning communications giving small businesses better results from their campaigns and lower marketing costs. By integrating tools such as social media, direct messaging and promotions, companies are providing consistency and maximum communication with their customers.

In this article titled “Kentico CMS Platform Debuts Version 8” featured on CMSWire, Kentico CMS reveals the newest features of Kentico 8. The version includes the following:

  1. Web Content Management
  2. E-Commerce
  3. Social Networking
  4. Online Marketing

These tools help companies create a single brand message across marketing channels by bringing together all elements of their corporation such as advertising, sales, customer service, PR, direct marketing, etc.

I believe there are several steps to the success of integrated marketing. It starts by identifying who your most valued customers are and determining current customer value. Performance needs to be measured to help generate returns and build the company’s brand. After a clear message has been sent digitally, a company must evaluate results and make adjustments. Integrated marketing is known to be a circular process that is adapted again and again in the media industries.

Kentico 8 simply adds value and improves a company’s ability to reach the right customers with the right messages. Kentico CMS helps companies produce stronger message consistency and builds brand equity as well as greater sales.

To read more about Kentico 8 and the newest update, click here for the full article on CMSWire written by Dom Nicastro.