Kentico 8.2 allows marketers to quickly deliver the right marketing message, at the right time, via the right digital channel.

Kentico’s new SharePoint Integration module streamlines collaboration while facilitating better file sharing. Kentico’s new bi-directional SharePoint synchronization feature means that all changes made in Kentico will be made automatically on the SharePoint server. So, your files are always up to date, and everyone has the latest versions!

The newly introduced Kentico Contact Management module provides a 360-degree view of all your website visitors and customers as well as their behavior across all channels and devices. If you are using multiple tools to manage your leads, contacts and recipients, it can be a headache to sync them, import them and reuse them across all the platforms in use. With Kentico 8.2, you can easily import Contacts from a CSV file, segment them, and leverage them in the system.

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