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By John Hackston | November 12, 2021

When we were very young, choosing a career seemed to be very straightforward. We just knew that we were destined to be a rock star, an astronaut, a sporting legend… whatever we wanted to be. Of course, by the time we get to choosing a job for real, most of us have had to rethink our original ideas. But when it comes to deciding on a career, what we do isn’t necessarily a great deal more scientific than our ideas from back in elementary school.    Some people just go with whatever’s easiest, whatever seems to come along first. Others choose a job that brings in the big bucks, or at least has the potential to do so. Many individuals are influenced by what their friends or parents think, or by what people with their qualifications usually do, or by whatever is fashionable at the time. And if you end up in a job that makes you miserable, then you can always go through the same process a few years down the line – probably with no greater a guarantee of success.

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