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For people who have trouble getting to or staying asleep, technology can help.

Wearable devices can monitor and record the amount and quality of sleep you get each night, according to The subject wears an accessory, such as a wristband, headband or watch containing implanted sensors that log heart rate, respiration, sleep interruptions and depth of sleep. The data is transmitted wirelessly to a computer or smart phone. Periodic reports are produced from the analyzed data that let the user track the quantity and quality of his sleep.

Here is a sample of wearable sleep trackers on the market:

1. Sleep Rate

According to its website, Sleep Rate uses a heart rate sensor that is worn across your chest and connected wirelessly to an app on your smartphone. The sensor records how deeply you sleep, the number of times your sleep is interrupted and disruptive environmental noises.

The Sleep Rate app analyzes your data, creates a sleep assessment, and develops your individualized sleep improvement plan based on the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia program developed at Stanford University.

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