Sex toys used to be considered an added bonus to the bedroom, but they’re so commonplace now that this concept’s become a thing of the past. According to a Research and Markets report, the global female sex toys market has a compound annual growth rate of 10.98%  through 2021, and the sex toy industry as a whole is worth over $15 billion, according to Statistic Brain.  Hence a growth in smarter, savvier products that fulfill users needs and bring a lot of tech innovation to the table/bedroom.

Take the Womanizer2Go, a lipstick shaped vibrator, $169 from Epi24, that uses a vacuum like suction rather than vibrating motors to give pleasure. “I’ve never owned a sex toy like this before,” YourTango editor Shannon Ullman wrote. “Once I switched it on, I could feel a sucking sensation, and it was, well, pretty fantastic.” What creates this sensation is the companies ‘pleasure air technology’ that sucks up the clitoris and pulsates around it – they claim 97% of users can achieve orgasm in under five minutes. This makes the Rampant Rabbit’s of Sex and the City fame seem positively outdated.

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