By Sherrie Haynie  |  December 1, 2021

Many organizations are reporting a “turnover tsunami” with employees — many of whom may be described as “high value” — leaving their jobs en masse for what they hope are greener pastures. To provide some perspective on the magnitude of this trend, in a normal year, average turnover rates are usually below 20%. However, according to a new survey from the Achievers Workforce Institute (registration required), more than 50% of respondents reported that they planned to look for new employment in 2021.

The pandemic, particularly when the lockdown was at its peak, was a time for pausing and reflecting for many. Maybe it was the increase in alone time or the gravity of the global situation, but if you found yourself questioning if what you were doing was what you wanted to do for the long term, you weren’t alone. Now that the economy is moving and things appear to be getting back to a new normal, it’s clear that for many the answer was no.

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