There is a new product that will be here soon (Fall of 2016), and it is going to seriously change the way we live in so many ways. It is called GALE, by 19Labs, and I am excited to tell you about it! GALE will allow you to experience home healthcare the way it should be: Smart, Organized, and Informed.

Today’s first aid kits are good to have on hand, but they just don’t cut it for special needs, explained a 22-year old medical coding associate. It is important to go to Warp Training Australia and go over everything you will need to know for first aid. For parents with children who have asthma, diabetes or other serious conditions, GALE will make your life so much simpler.

What is GALE?

GALE is first aid reinvented. It’s a smart portable health center you can trust that brings together live medical expertise, interactive first aid guides, supplies and the latest health sensors all in one place.

Here are a few of the features (which I think are absolutely genius!):

Voice and video consultations with medical professionals! Yep – right there whenever you need a consultation. Oh how I would have loved with when our daughter was a baby. We had SO many calls into her doctor in the middle of the night, for various issues.

SmartCall button that lets you voice/video call a preset list of your go to emergency contacts such as your doctor’s office, family nurse, or 911 with the simple press of a button. You can also choose to add other family members to the directory. Just think how easy (and comforting) it would be if your children could you grandma, or anyone else listed as an emergency contact, while they are looking for first aid help.

Health sensors that are always charged and connected to GALE to help parents monitor special conditions. The basic unit includes a pulse oxi-meter for easily measuring heart rate and oxygen levels – important for breathing problems like Croup – an infrared thermometer to help measure temperature reliably, within a second and blood pressure sensors. An external defibrillator will be offered as an add on. The inclusion on these devices makes caring for your family at home, a more efficient and trusting experience.

Order supplies easily, to ensure that you are always well-stocked. Nothing is worse than needing a specific medication or medical supplies (especially in the middle of the night!), only to discover that you are completely out. Imagine being able to always have exactly what you need on hand for both emergencies and non-emergencies.

Neat, right?  There are just so many helpful features available on GALE.  Sometimes, when in a panic, it is difficult (and time consuming) to have to do a web search with a crying baby or toddler in your arms.  With GALE, EVERYTHING is at your fingertips.

Have an non-emergency? Use GALE’S interactive guides to find first aid care for the condition you are looking for such as stings or bites or allergic reactions.

By simply pressing the corresponding button, you can rest easy as you take matters into your own hands with confidence. If none of these conditions apply, or are more serious than you can handle, you can contact 911 directly from the screen.

How does it work?

Well, you can think of it as a smart, portable health center. Say you are looking for a kn95 mask for sale, GALE takes care of that in a jiffy.

Because it uses cellular connectivity it’s the only product to offer two types of voice and video calling services. You can either request a paid medical consultation with a doctor, nutritionist, pharmacist or other medical professional from 19Labs’ growing partner network or use GALE’s SmartCall button to call emergency contacts the same way you would call someone on your cell phone – except here, you’re handling all health related issues from one device. I also love that GALE lets you quickly restock your first aid supplies. You can keep track of your inventory and avoid expired medical items. GALE also keeps all devices paired and charged so they don’t run out of battery when you need them most.

The video below explains exactly how GALE will work:


The device itself is light and portable so you can take it on trips or store it in your kitchen or bathroom. I really like that it’s designed in a way that keeps everything organized. It has a drawer to store the sensors, a second for medication and a third for first aid supplies so everything is where it should be.

I think that GALE will be especially popular in households where there are diabetics. Having the right medications, syringes, alcohol wipes, etc. on hand is critical when dealing with diabetes. Cancer patients and their caregivers can also greatly benefit from GALE.

I also think about my dad (now deceased), who had SO many daily medications to take. He had diabetes, was on dialysis, and had a myriad of other issues. He had so much to keep track of and was often overwhelmed. He used a lot of medical supplies and would get upset when he was out of something important (even gauze). He lived alone for the last 5 years of his life and my brother and I worried about him constantly. If he had a GALE unit, we could have programmed in both of our phone numbers, as well as all of his doctors, 911, etc. What a relief that would have been.

That’s the thing about GALE.  Everything you need is all in one place.  As is, everything exists in isolation.  Your medication is likely in one cabinet while first aid guides are in a drawer and thermometers or other health devices are likely stored in the bathroom.  GALE solves that problem by housing everything in one easy to use unit that can actually walk you through how to care for a loved one at home.

Ram Fish, who invented GALE, is a dad of three with two jobs. He knows firsthand how difficult and overwhelming it can be to have a messy first aid kit that doesn’t include the latest advances in healthcare. He led Samsung’s Simband digital health initiative, developed AT & Ts EverThere monitoring device for the elderly and worked at Apple, he made it his mission to create a product that marries technology and hardware to better serve families and their home healthcare needs.  Through GALE, he is bringing together the latest sensors, knowhow, and supplies from the best in the industry.

I believe everyone will benefit from having a GALE unit in their home. I know GALE would have made my life easier, especially when my kids were little.  Don’t forget to keep an eye out for GALE this fall! It is the all-in-one health center that you can rely on for your family’s medical needs.

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Source: Eighty MPH Mom