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“Your network is your net worth.”

In other words, leverage your relationships to get what you want, whether it is entry into exclusive communities, job opportunities, or business connections. That is one of the mental models and habits of the wealthy—independent of race—that keeps their wallets swollen. They are not afraid to pick up the phone to call that friend who knows somebody, who knows somebody to get what they want.

If  we don’t start to reframe how we use the social capital of relationships, we will be locked into the middle-income zone forever.

Here is number one out of the three-part plan on helping you connect with the people that can you get where you want faster:

1. Create your goals.

The first part of building your net worth is to be devoted to the creation of goals that will help you fulfill your mission.  In particular, think about what you want to accomplish in three years or five years.  If you are not sure about your mission, it will become clear to you once you figure out what goals and dreams are non-negotiable for you. Try prayer, meditation, introspection, consultating with close friends about your strengths, or taking self-assessments like Myers Briggs personality test.

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