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Daylight savings: spring ahead and sleep soundly.

All your questions about sleep can be answered in a single hour with Dr. Brittany Blair this Tuesday, March 10th at 11am PST. If you’re like most people, with the time change, come Monday morning you may feel a little shift in your schedule and sleepy in the morning when the alarm buzzes.

With daylight savings and a new study stating that sleeping more than eight hours each night may increase your risk of stroke by 15%, Dr. Blair will debunk many popular sleep myths in this hour long tweet chat.

Sleeprate is sponsoring the TweetChat #SleepMyths. The sleep improvement kit and app helps you sleep better without medications. SleepRate will also giveaway three Sleep Improvement Kits to active participants.

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“We hope by issuing some top myths associated with sleep, we can assist in educating people on the health benefits of optimal sleep patterns as well as the serious health hazards of sleep deprivation, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recently called a public health epidemic,” said Dr. Britney Blair, Psy. D., CBSM at SleepRate.

Source: via @TheExaminer