The best customer support portals (like this mortgage CRM) are more than just web interfaces between a company and its customers. They are collaboration hubs, empowering a vendor to host its partners and clients to share ideas, come up with new strategies and innovate as a community.

Customer support agents can spend less time answering routine customer cases, and act as community managers to ensure:

  • Knowledge base articles are accurate, current and indexed/tagged for discoverability
  • News feeds are up to date with current news about product enhancements, security patches and bug fixes
  • Customers are aligned with resources for training, support, design and/or development as needed
  • Content is pushed out to customers and prospects via newsletters and social media
  • Website visitors can engage with customer service through live text chat on their desktop or mobile device of choice

Many companies are looking for omni-channel approach to customer service utilizing one of the many channels available, such as:

  • Email marketing tools
  • SMS messages
  • Online ticketing
  • Live chat
  • Phone calls

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