Clustrix, provider of the first scale-out database designed to meet the needs of large, fast-growing e-commerce sites and other big Web- and cloud-based applications, today announced its participation in a panel hosted by Indaba Group,¬†strategic ecommerce partner¬†specializing in Magento enterprise and e-commerce site development, creative services and customer experience management, titled “Is Your Site Ready for the Holidays?” The panel will discuss the issues Magento merchants face in preparing for the significant surge in visitors and transactions expected over the holiday shopping season.

Online holiday spending increased 13.9 percent in 2014, according to IBM, and analysts are predicting similar growth rates for 2015. Attendees will learn the facets of delivering an exceptional customer experience under the duress of this high-traffic period, so that their companies fully capitalize on the year’s most lucrative revenue opportunity. Clustrix will address how merchants running Magento applications make certain that their websites scale to meet growing demand without any site downtime or decrease in transaction speed or site performance.

“Is Your Site Ready for the Holidays?” panelists will discuss how to:

  • Scale online stores to anticipate and plan for massive traffic spikes
  • Secure websites and customer data
  • Structure websites for more efficient load times and navigation
  • Optimize for mobile traffic and sales
  • Use retargeting and marketing automation to stay top of mind across digital assets
  • Measure success and analyze data for ongoing improvements

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