“When I met Elizabeth Miracle and Brian Krieger, the pair behind the recently released kegel device kGoal, last week, that notion was quickly dispelled. An unlikely pair, Miracle and Krieger met serendipitously through their shared desire to improve women’s understandings of pelvic floor health, and decided to do so by creating their “Fitbit for vaginas.” Miracle is a pelvic floor physical therapist who found herself dissatisfied with existing products, but also with the existing knowledge of how important kegels can be; Krieger, whose background is in engineering, works for the sexual health design start-up Minna Life. Both saw the same need for their collaboration.”

“Women are coming to me for medical issues, which is kind of a little different than what our device is about,” Miracle told me. “Urinary incontinence, pain with sex, pain with urination, pain with bowel movements, constipation… maybe they’ve had a baby and they don’t feel like themselves anymore so they want to get back to how they felt before, or they’re leaking urine and they can’t run or do the activity that they want to do. It’s something that affects a large amount of women, but we just don’t talk about it.”

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