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If you went to college, chances are you have student loan debt. Personally, I’m on the 20-year payback plan, and while I’m comfortable with my payments now that two out of three loans are paid in full, the first seven to eight years post-college were extremely hard on my wallet. If you’re in a similar situation or if you are seeking payday loan refund options, there may be some relief in your future. Consider these eight surprising ways to pay off your student loan debt a little faster. (See also: Should You Refinance Your Student Loan?)

Play Givling, an Online Trivia Game

Givling is a pay-to-play online trivia game that is making crowdfunding interactive and fun. Three months after its launch this past spring, it paid off contestant Kevin Foster’s $31,625 loan and it will pay off the next loan in the queue — which amounts to $97,000 — soon. The best part? You don’t even have to play the game yourself. You have to sign up, of course, but participation in the trivia games isn’t necessary to win.

According to Business Insider, “Separately, trivia gamers sign up and are randomly placed into teams of three. Team members answer true or false questions to rack up points. The highest-scoring funding team is eligible for a $4 million prize. In addition to the large $4 million prize, there are smaller daily prize amounts awarded.”

Givling costs $0.50 to play a round and an additional $0.30 for a transaction fee. Players also receive one free game a day.

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