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Kentico Software, the innovator in content management systems, has released the latest version of its CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing platform, Kentico 9. “Kentico 9 features advancements for developing and deploying websites faster, simplifying the production of personalised content for content editors, and capturing more intelligence and insights from campaigns. Companies now have the power… View Article
A multinational corporation that created a truly inclusive leadership team; a sportsman who enhanced his own performance and that of his rowing team to go onto Olympic glory; doctors who have sharpened their ability to engage with patients….what’s the common bond? It’s self-awareness. Self-awareness was the overarching theme of CPP’s one-day conference, titled Grow 2015,… View Article
CPP, Inc., an industry leader in research, training, and organizational development tools, and publisher of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment, released two new informational videos that succinctly chronicle the history of the MBTI assessment as a psychometrically validated instrument built on decades of research. The videos capture the thoughts of Richard Thompson, PhD, CPP’s Divisional Director of… View Article
Every year around this time, I start to think more about just how old-fashioned it seems that in PR, we still do so much of our storytelling around seasons and holidays. Having now been in the business world for three years, it’s becoming apparent to me that it’s very easy to get disconnected from the… View Article
As the demands of online consumers continue to emerge and expand, enterprises around the world look for a platform to promote their brands and products through a strong web presence. To survive, every brand and business needs to deliver seamless digital experiences across channels. And for this, it is imperative to find a CMS with… View Article
All of the recent advancements in data analysis and computation-enabling technologies mean nothing if the datasets you need are hidden like buried treasure. Most businesses assume that the progress in high-performance computing and big data analytics has been matched in the data access realm. But the reality for data access is grim: the simple task… View Article