MSR & Clients in the News works to make it easy to find the best local expert. They feature objectively quantified and qualified professionals hand-picked by a selection process. After analyzing MSR Communication’s professionalism and expertise, MSR was named as one of the Best PR Firms in San Francisco in 2022. MSR Communications is an independent public relations agency and… View Article
24 February 2022 | By Sam Kemmis Welcome to the new travel reality, one in which the idea of “making firm plans” seems laughably quaint. The focus these days is not so much on nailing down an itinerary, but building one that can be painlessly un-nailed when circumstances and rules change. Americans are ready to travel…. View Article
18 February 2022 | By John Foley Data architectures increasingly encompass a wide variety of data sources—including distributed databases, SaaS applications, IoT, and Edge devices—that are spread across hybrid and multi-clouds, spanning geographic regions and availability zones. And now, new analytics tools are emerging for these dispersed data environments, designed to run queries wherever data is stored…. View Article
February 18, 2022 | By Marc Wojno In its drive to help supply-chain-heavy businesses become more data-driven, while helping their non-technical data employees strive to make better decisions in real-time, not months, collaborative data analytics platform Promethium announced recently that it raised $26 million in Series A funding to help further expand its business initiatives. “Our first and immediate… View Article