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By Jackie Snow | January 27, 2022 Omicron brought a slowly recovering travel industry to its knees this holiday season. Thousands of airline workers stayed home after catching the coronavirus variant, and between Christmas Eve 2021 and January 2, 2022, some 14,000 flights were canceled. Thousands of travelers were stranded or tested positive and found themselves quarantined… View Article
By David Liu | January 25, 2022 Myname is Marta Koonz. I work for The Myers-Briggs Company as a senior consultant and certification faculty. Basically, I certify people to use psychological assessments. I have a PhD in Depth Psychology, a branch of psychology that is much more aligned with the humanities than the sciences and is… View Article
By Ariana Fine – January 19, 2022 Intertrust has integrated its Planet OS weather data API into the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) OpenOA (Operational Assessment) software to enhance operational assessments of wind energy plants. OpenOA helps wind energy development planners more accurately estimate energy production from wind plants and other operational assets. The… View Article
By Chris Kalima | January 18, 2022 Data operations (DataOps) is a data management methodology that improves an organization’s efficiency and profitability by applying agile techniques to the workflows that derive business value from data. It leverages a combination of processes and technologies to reduce data friction, improve business agility, and increase security, integrity, and… View Article
By Christopher Elliott | January 5, 2022 Do you have the right travel insurance for 2022? Like many travelers, David Simkin hopes he does. But he’s not sure. Simkin is planning a cruise from San Diego to Vancouver, B.C., this summer and an 11-day tour of eastern Canada’s historic cities, including Montreal and Toronto, in the… View Article