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OBOPAY Case Study Story

With the country’s first comprehensive secure mobile payments service, Obopay was having a tough time getting consumers–and the mobile, banking/payments industries–excited, confident and engaged with this new (even transformative) way of doing business and making payments on-the-go.

MSR Strategy

We at MSR realized the best way to raise awareness and squash skepticism about Obopay was a public relations and digital communications campaign that would tap into satisfied user stories, and how Obopay could get ‘anyone out of any jam’ by enabling customers to get, send and spend money anytime and anyplace. We developed a robust user reference program where Obopay users could tell their personal stories and how Obopay was a ‘lifesaver’ in a specific situation. From moms to teens to college students, our MSR Team tapped into these amazing stories and got the word out to press and analysts: Obopay could save the day! And to build media relations and response, we gave reporters and analysts access to Obopay services every time there was a briefing—turning them into instant users and brand ambassadors.

OBOPAY Case Study Results

Within a matter of months, our MSR Team got people talking about Obopay, in positive ways they’d never spoken before. We secured 11 speaking opportunities at major national and international mobile, financial and technology trade shows and conferences, 65 key analyst briefings that led to more than a dozen positive research reports with strong client positioning. More than 100 Obopay stories appeared in the financial and wireless trades and 36 stories got into mass market outlets like the Chicago Sun-Times, Boston Globe and ABC7 News in Chicago and business journals across the country. BusinessWeek, CNNMoney and The Wall Street Journal each covered Obopay several times, with specific stories from these outlets in addition to Reuters and Fast Company.

MSR Award

Hermes Creative Awards Gold 2008