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ARIBA Case Study Story

A pioneer in spend management, Ariba combines technology, expertise and innovative practices to help clients reduce spending on goods and services. Ariba clients lauded its breakthrough solutions. Yet the media looked at Ariba as a mere software vendor, unaware of its expansive offerings in the category. Unfortunately, Ariba clients wanted to maintain privacy, so we couldn’t use their engaging stories as testimonials.

MSR Strategy

We at MSR realized we had to educate the market that Ariba provided comprehensive technology, services and expertise and we had to re-establish its name in trade and business media to dispel any misconceptions. So when a rash of recalls and defective goods from China hit the news, we seized the opportunity for Ariba with a public relations and digital communications campaign. Our MSR Team pitched timely stories to trade publications about how Ariba was helping manufacturers take steps to ensure its suppliers conformed to the highest safety standards to avoid such crises. And we told media outlets how Ariba was helping food companies use sophisticated procurement and sourcing to hold their own suppliers to higher safety standards. We positioned Ariba as the go-to expert who could comment on ‘what went wrong’ and how companies could protect supply chains.

ARIBA Case Study Results

We put Ariba back on the media radar–in a huge way. Our MSR Team secured media placement for Ariba in an Associated Press article that ran in numerous publications nationwide, including The Washington Post, Market Watch, CNN/Money, and BusinessWeek Online as well as prominent daily newspapers, including Los Angeles Times, Newsday, San Jose Mercury News, Houston Chronicle, Miami Herald, San Diego Union-Tribune, News Observer, Cincinnati Post and the Orlando Sentinel. The AP article led to appearances on CNN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight television program, followed a week later by an appearance on CNBC. MSR also secured Ariba placement in follow-up articles in Traffic World, CIO Magazine and BusinessWeek that asked, “Is China still a viable place for business?” and similar questions.

MSR Award

Hermes Creative Awards Gold 2009