Mary Shank Rockman

If you can't laugh at yourself, you miss half the fun of life!
  • Anything chocolate!
  • Anything with my boys; skiing, playing tennis, exercising, creating flower arrangements, entertaining friends and family
  • The beach and anywhere in Europe
  • The New York Times especially the Sunday Style section, The SKIMM, The Interestings, Meg Wolitzer, I know this much is true, Wally Lamb

Mary is more than just the letters behind MSR Communications, she’s the brand’s heart, soul and passionate spirit. From the time she was a child, Mary HAS ALWAYS been inspired by a challenge, and she’s always figured out a way to figure it out—whatever it is. “I can find a solution for ANYthing,” Mary says. “And that sums up strategy here at MSR: look at the challenge from all angles; uncover new options; turn it upside down, and we’ll always figure out the most relevant and engaging story!” That story and the way MSR gets it into the global lexicon may be unexpected, atypical (maybe something that’s never been done before!), but it will connect your brand to your public in an exciting, newsworthy way. “I never stop thinking of new and better ways we can do that for our clients—not even when I’m home or on vacation.” Mary’s commitment to her clients’ success is well-known. And those strong relationships—with clients, with her team, with key influencers, with the San Francisco community—continue to drive MSR’s growth and that of her clients.

An important thing to know about the founder of MSR: Mary has always been committed to giving back. As a young girl she was always involved in outreach programs and helping those with less. Today it’s no different: From the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center, to community outreach programs for pregnant teens and underprivileged women, to ongoing causes sponsored by the Junior League of San Francisco, everyone has a positive story about how Mary Shank Rockman helped those who needed it.

So, that’s as much of Mary’s story that we could fit here. Of course, there’s much more. But more importantly, she’d love to hear, what’s your story?