Chris Blake

Account Director
Make your own luck.
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Chris has always embraced the newest technology, and its ability to empower us and enhance brand communication. But in order to get your brand communication noticed, Chris says, “We need to create entertaining content that’s authentic too. And we absolutely must market that content correctly.” Chris realizes how strong content marketing can influence customers more than any sales pitch or call to action. Likewise, he recognizes the need to control and secure online communications—especially with a tech-savvy 9-year-old boy. It’s why he feels so passionately about clients like AVG, which helps protect kids online.

Interestingly, as much as Chris embraces the powers of the virtual world, he still believes face-to-face interactions are the ideal way to connect and build lasting ties. “MSR’s strength has always been in its ability to strike incredibly powerful relationships–with clients, media, and within the team.” And whether it’s on the phone, online or in person, Chris feels that combining creative thinking with close and constant client contact is just one more thing that sets MSR apart from all the rest.