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By Kaycee Lai | February 13, 2020 While a perusal of business magazines and trade outlets involves wading through endless hype about how companies are becoming data-driven, anyone on the inside knows the ugly truth: at most companies, going from business question/problem to data-driven solution is a long, drawn-out and resource-intensive process. We know we’re… View Article
By Sherrie Haynie | February 13, 2020 We often talk about personality types in the context of the workplace and how personality preferences impact how we work with others, but personality preferences have a far-reaching effect on various aspects of our lives. A particularly interesting area to study is how individuals with different personality preferences approach money… View Article
By Kasandra Brabaw | January 22, 2020 Introducing sex toys into your relationship can be lots of fun, and vibrators particularly solve the pesky problem that many people with vulvas need clitoral stimulation along with penetration to get off. But trying to hold on to a vibrator while having sex with your partner (or hell, even yourself) might not feel like the sexiest… View Article
By Mark Athitakis | January 5, 2020 Big ambitions are great for your association, but there’s value in stepping back and making sure everybody’s included in your strategy conversations. If you’ve started the new year eager to tackle that big to-do list full of strategic goals and moonshot ideas, that’s to your credit. But is the attitude… View Article
By Michael Burke | February 4, 2020 As nearly all industries race to become data-driven, there are a few that notably lag. Among those is Public Relations (PR), which is an inherently difficult discipline to quantify. While it’s easy enough to aggregate outlet circulation/audience numbers for positive media coverage, or social shares for company content, the… View Article
By Rina Raphael In the past few years, what was once hushed about in doctors’ offices is now openly discussed. Fertility has entered the mainstream conversation as numerous celebrities—Chrissy Teigen, Kim Kardashian, even Mark Zuckerberg—publicly share their struggles. And it’s grown into a formidable femtech sector, empowering individuals to take charge of their reproductive health…. View Article